If you’re like most Minneapolis homeowners, you’ve heard that spring is the best time to sell your home. While that may be true, what if we told you that listing it in winter could actually make the process faster, more enjoyable and more profitable? It’s true! And, for those who don’t want to be bothered with putting the house on the market for the holidays, don’t worry! We can list your home as “Coming Soon” so that potential buyers know what they’ve got to look forward to come Spring.

So, here are our 5 secret reasons to get your Spring listing started this Winter: 

Holiday Traffic from All Over the Cities

While friends and family are gathering for the holidays, you’re going to see substantially more traffic from outside the neighborhood, and with that lots of prospective buyers. And, if you’ve already listed and the right buyer happens to be at Great Aunt Suzy’s for dinner, we can help start the process of the sale months in advance of the snow thawing. If that buyer doesn’t come along, you still haven’t lost any time in the process, and instead you’ll be more prepared when the spring market arrives. 

Plus, neighborhoods are always festive and inviting during the holidays!

Spring Cleaning is Overrated

When you’re in the midst of decorating for the holidays, why not pack away items that you won’t be needing, throw away what you won’t be using, and take the opportunity to dust and clean in places you haven’t been able to reach in years. 

This is also the perfect time to prepare your home for maximum profitability. When you hire The Guiding You Home Team, we offer a complementary professional staging consultation so that you focus on the features of your home that will lead to the highest possible sale price.

No Stress Over Curb Appeal

Decorating the exterior of the house can be as simple as putting out a few sprig pots. You’ve undoubtedly heard that curb appeal is important during the home sale process, and it is, but in winter it can be far less expensive and time consuming. Snow can also create a great accent to any landscape in winter.

The Spring Market Comes Sooner Than You Think!

The Super Bowl may seem like it’s still a long time away, but it’s the first week in February and the Spring market starts right after. Getting the home sale process started in winter is one of the smartest things you can do to maximize your opportunities to sell. Waiting to call The Guiding You Home team until after the snow has melted and the trees are in full bloom means you’re going to miss the peak spring market season. You’ll also likely miss your chance to get top-dollar for your home too.

Insider Tips to Help You Prepare Financially 

The home buying and home selling processes aren’t just about listing a home and finding a new one. There’s a lot of planning that goes into being prepared when you do find the home of your dreams. Below are just a few quick tips to keep in mind once you’re ready to start looking:

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Meet with your CPA or tax accountant early so you know how much cash you have to work with for your new home purchase

Talk to a lender to find out if there are any steps you need to take to get your finances in order. 

Learn what you’ll need for a down payment so you don’t end up spending it during the holidays.

Learn more about listing your home during winter by reaching out to the team at Guiding You Home