What if I told you that the holidays are a great time to list your home for sale! I know most people saying they don’t want to bother during the holidays, and that’s perfectly understandable. But when you list your home for sale the home does not have to be listed on the MLS – as long as you have a listing contract, we can advertise your home as “coming soon”.


  1. Traffic From Outside The Neighborhood
  2. Great Time to Declutter
  3. Curb Appeal Becomes Less Important
  4. The Spring Market Comes Sooner Than You Think
  5. More Tips


Traffic From Outside the Neighborhood

There is more traffic from outside the neighborhood as your neighbors are hosting holiday get-togethers. So, if the right buyer comes along we have a legal right to negotiate a sale on your behalf. If not, you haven’t lost any market time while you continue to prepare your home for the spring market! Plus neighborhoods are festive and inviting during the holiday season.


This is Also a Great Time to Declutter

When you are in the midst of decorating for the holidays, why not pack away items that you will not be needing, throwaway what you will not be using, and take the opportunity to dust and clean places that are normally overlooked.

Why not use this time to prepare your home for maximum equity. When you hire The Guiding You Home Team, we offer a complementary professional staging consultation so that you focus on the features of your home that will lead to a higher sale price.


Curb Appeal Becomes Less Important

Decorating a few sprig pots around your front porch and garage could be all you need to add the extra curb appeal. This is of course far less expensive that preparing your yard in the spring.


The Spring Market Comes Sooner Than You Think

The spring market starts right after the Super Bowl! If you wait to call us until the snow is melted and the trees are in full bloom, you will miss the strongest spring market.


Additional Tips

  • Meet with your CPA or tax accountant early so you know how much cash you have to work with to purchase your new house.
  • Meet with a lender to find out if there are any steps you need to take to prepare financially.
  • Learn what you’ll need for a down payment so you don’t overspend during the holidays.