How To Have A Stress Free Moving Experience



Hire An Agent

Working with an agent will dramatically ease your stress. Important dates such as showing times, inspection date, final walk through, etc. will all be planned, organized, and communicated through your real estate agent. Your agent will not only schedule these important dates for you, but they will also remind you and give you helpful tips for how to prepare!



Give Yourself Time

When moving, dates may change depending on the other party. However, try to allow yourself 8-12 weeks. You may need to hire movers, update your address, change your utilities 2 weeks prior to move date.

  • Cable TV

  • Electricity

  • Garbage Service

  • Gas Service

  • MN Dept of Motor Vehicles (………………………… Ph: 651-297-2005

  • Phone Service

  • Post Office (change address) (……………………………….. Ph: 800-275-8777

  • Schools

  • Water/Sewer Service

  • Insurance Company

  • Newspaper (change address)

  • Work (change address)




Get Organized (one month before you move)

Organize, pack and clean! When packing up your belongings, make sure to clean/dust any items that need it prior to packing and then to pack items by room. This will help you when it comes to unpacking and will save you time!

  • Take inventory of your home, decide what to keep, sell, give away or donate.

  • Reserve a rental truck or select a moving company

  • Create a file for all important documents and keep receipts of the move for tax purposes

  • Make your travel plans and stay-overs if needed

  • Purchase insurance coverage on movables

  • Start packing items you don’t often use




Clear Out The Clutter

It is easiest to declutter prior to moving. Getting rid of some items will help you feel more organized and will leave you with less to pack!



Go With The Flow

Unplanned things may come up. Be flexible and go with the flow as much as possible. Try to remember there is another party at the other end of this major life transaction, and about 10 people communicating and working out the logistical details such as your agent, transaction coordinator, loan officer, closing company, moving company, etc. Remember, this is their profession and to let them do their job! Sit back and relax (as much as you can).